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a no-kill city

About Us

Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia

Founded in 2009, Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of taxpayers and pet lovers who are committed to saving all healthy and treatable companion animals in Philadelphia shelters, and working with the citizens of Philadelphia to prevent animals from entering our city's shelter system. 


Using grassroots efforts, community outreach events and surrender prevention, and political advocacy, Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia works alongside Philadelphia community members, other non-profit groups and with elected officials to raise awareness about creating a no-kill model that will save the lives of the 10,000+ cats, dogs and small animals that die each year in Philadelphia shelters because of overpopulation and lack of resources.



Pet Help Desk

CNKP wants to ensure that during difficult times, families are given the resources needed to keep their pets rather than feel forced to rehome them or surrender them to the shelter.

Rehoming & Surrender Assistance

One way to decrease the number of animals needlessly killed in our animal control shelter is to help them bypass the shelter altogether by connecting pet owners with local animal rescues. 


No-Kill Coalition

CNKP is a proud member of the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition. The Coalition is a collective of animal welfare agencies working together to end the killing of savable pets in shelters.

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