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Pet Pantry Eligibility Guidelines

Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia asks that the following guidelines are followed as best they can in order for a household to receive assistance. These guidelines are set up so that we may help as many families as possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Participation Guidelines:


  • All participants must complete the Application and Pet Pantry Agreement prior to receiving assistance.

  • The following documentation will be required before we can accept any Pet Pantry application:

    • Valid identification card or driver’s license

    • Proof of residency (current utility bill, lease, etc.)

    • Proof of number of pet(s) (proof of vaccination or pictures preferred)

  • Requirements (Most Agree to Follow These Terms) 

  • Agree that pets are for companionship and not for breeding or any illegal activities. If you are breeding, you are not eligible. At this time we are not able to provide food for community cat feeding.

  • Agree to notify CNKP if you move or if the number of pets in your household changes.

  • Agree not to resell the pet food received from the CNKP Pet Pantry Assistance Program.

  • Agree to not add more animals to your household while you are receiving assistance.

  • Agree to maintain healthy conditions and/or living environment for your pet(s), which includes providing fresh water and food daily and basic veterinary care, and you will let someone know if you cannot maintain this level of care.

  • Agree that you will stop receiving assistance one your income provides that you can afford your own pet food and/or care on an ongoing basis.

  • It is preferred that all pets be spayed or neutered. In order to become a repeat Pet Pantry participant, pet owners must be willing to spay/neuter their animals. CNKP can help to provide assistance through other low-cost vet care partners.

  • One applicant per household.

  • Any cat or dog receiving assistance must be primarily kept indoors (animals that are strictly outdoors or tied to a rope or chain are not eligible).

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