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April 26, 2021

CNKP, in collaboration with ACCT Philly, is proud to announce that the Community Pet Help Desk that CNKP founded in 2013 will now become a permanent program of ACCT Philly, which will enable it to reach its maximum potential to assist owners in need and prevent surrender.

What Does it Mean for the Help Desk?


CNKP has been working closely with ACCT Philly to cultivate and expand the Help Desk over the past three years since the CNKP Help Desk first put down roots in ACCT Philly in 2018, and will continue to collaborate with ACCT Philly on the Help Desk in an advisory capacity.


The Help Desk is a natural fit in the city's only open-admission public intake shelter. We are thrilled that ACCT Philly has recognized the importance of owner retention services and has adopted the Help Desk as a permanent program to help enhance its surrender prevention efforts. We look forward to working alongside ACCT Philly to maximize the Help Desk's potential in years to come and continue to expand upon the great work that the Help Desk has done to date!

Reach the Help Desk at ACCT Philly at:

267-385-3800 ext. 105

What Does it Mean for CNKP?


This transition will allow CNKP to shift its focus on addressing gaps still remaining in Philadelphia's animal welfare community, including the need for temporary and emergency foster care and boarding to pet owners in transition, assisting senior citizens in obtaining resources and after-life planning for their pets, and assisting Philadelphia residents experiencing homelessness to care for their pets. CNKP will also continue to maintain its Community Pet Pantry, which has continued to operate via delivery and scheduled pick-ups during COVID.


Stay tuned to CNKP's social media pages for exciting announcements about what's next for the organization, its impact on animal welfare in Philadelphia, and how you can get involved.


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