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CNKP partners with Petplan Pet Insurance

Even the most devoted pet parent can’t protect a dog or cat from inherited disease, illness or injury. That’s why CNKP works with Petplan pet insurance to secure health protection for every pet in their new homes. Pet health insurance helps pay the veterinary bills when pets get sick or injured. We chose to partner with Petplan because we believe they offer the most comprehensive coverage, the most flexible policy options, the simplest claims process and the most compassionate customer service of any pet insurance provider. Petplan takes the worry out of paying for your pet’s medical care, which these days can cost almost as much as our own. When you’re standing in your veterinarian’s office with a $3,000 estimate in your hand, having Petplan protection can mean the difference between getting your pets the care they deserve and seeking a less expensive (and usually less effective) option. Start now and look into Petplan pet insurance for your pet. It’s a simple way to make sure you always have access to the very best veterinary care and to help ensure your pet’s health for a lifetime. Citizens for a No Kill Philadelphia supporters are eligible for a very generous offer.  By simply clicking HERE or using promo code "CITIZENS" and completing an application for a full policy you will enjoy a 10% lifetime discount, a $25 gift card to PETCO and the opportunity to have waived waiting periods (if activated within 24 hours of pet’s comprehensive physical examination).

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